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  President Speaks About Plan to Replace Affordable Care Act  CSPAN  June 14, 2017 4:10am-4:18am EDT

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changing the constitution. live this watch morning. join the discussion. >> president trump met with several republican senators at the white house to talk about the status of the republican bill. in a short meeting with reporters he criticized the law, commented on the state of the and that included changes to the tax structure and rebuilding the infrastructure. trump: thank you very much. i appreciate it. i'm happy you are here today. we're going to discuss the urgent need to repeal -- disaster knowne as obamacare. it was just revealed yesterday
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that 2 million people of jumped out from obamacare. 2 million additional. leaving premiums have increased by more than 300% nationwide. 176% in somee up places, arkansas 128%. in pennsylvania, premiums are up by 128 percent. in alaska, 207%. >> last week it was announced they were pulling out of ohio.
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one in three u.s. counties have only a single insurer and many of those insurers as you know have announced they are leaving. promise.roken one after another. told if you like your doctor you will keep your doctor. that was a lie. they were told if you like your plan you can keep your plan, that was a lie. americans were told the mems would go down by $2500 per year. premiums went up to levels nobody even thought were possible. the senate is working very, very , specifically the folks and this room and i appreciate what you are doing to come out with a
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phenomenal bill for the people of our country. generous, kind, with heart. that is what i am saying. and we may be adding additional money to it. coming up with something good, not obamacare. will be fantastic, hopefully it will be announced at the appropriate time and you will be happy. congress, as hard as they are working, you have the democrats on the other side you have truly become obstructionist. new motto, i guess it is pretty accurate. every time i see it i say, that is right. it represents the democrats. resist. i actually said, if we came up with the greatest health care plan and massive tax cuts and tax reform, but if we came up with the greatest health care or tax reform ever in our country's
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history, we would not get one democrat vote. obstruction. the republicans are working hard. we passed and signed 38 pieces of legislation which nobody likes to talk about. i think probably seldom has an administration had more success than i did. we see it all over the country, job killing regulations. jobs would never get started any circumstance, we see it all over the country. i would like to thank our great vice president and all of the senators for being here. love some of them and know and like others. >> i have a lot of respect for the people in this room, can tell you that much and i appreciate you being here. look at the economy.
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theust came out with highest level of confidence in the history of reports which for manye statistics years. the history of this report, the confidence is at its highest it has ever been. to thees are moving back united states. use the add-in michigan, the auto companies are coming back in and they are saying that is the way it is going to be. i was really thrilled last week and it had a lot to do with in mineylvania the first coal that has opened in a long time. many will be reopened but this is a brand new mine. that has not happened for many, many years.
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we are working with the senate and the senators with us here today to come up with a great health care plan and i really believe they are going to be able to do it. we are really close and we really believe they're going to be able to do it. everything seems to be working really well and it is a very big , we arer us tax reform going to put in a major thisstructure plan and for group in particular, we will be beened on obamacare i have talking about repealing and replacing obamacare now for almost three years. don't forget, june 15 is my birthday and june 16th as when i announced i was running. some people said, will it happen? it happened. exactlyree days it is
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two years. from day one i said we're going to repeal or replace obamacare. regulations. the the economy is going really well. doing a lot better. the numbers will be very good, i believe. the gdp numbers, i think they're going to be shockingly good based on all of the facts we are hearing and based on the and is is him from the businesses because they are doing well. and we just started. i want to thank you all. i want to thank you senators. now we will start talking about the replacement of obamacare. thank you very much. [crosstalk] as weent trump: as soon can do it. thank you very much, everybody. thank you. thank you.